Experience Learning a Different Culture Through British International Schools in Malaysia

Known for its high international exam quality, balanced academic syllabus, wide variety of extracurricular activities and high global transferability, it’s no wonder why over a third of all the world s online schools now choose the British International Schools curriculum as their general education curriculum. With so many students from so many nations enrolling at BIS Malaysia, you’ll find that your education will be taught by very experienced, accomplished teachers with knowledge from a number of different disciplines. You’ll also discover that they offer courses that prepare you for international school studies, work placements and internships. These are just a few of the many advantages offered by the British International Schools. We invite you to find out more about them and whether they could meet your needs.

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If you’re looking for an excellent, challenging, high-quality education system with highly developed faculties and staff, then look no further than the British International Schools Malaysia (BIMS). They are a private institution based in Malaysia that was established in 1963 with the mission of providing an internationally recognized education system. In keeping with the international standards set by the UK government, they adhere strictly to the Government Education Programme (Gep), which they say has “set a vision for the future”. BIS Malaysia’s curriculum is recognized and ranked extremely well by international educational bodies such as UNESCO, EPC and IFA. british international schools in malaysia

The BIS curriculum for primary school is constructed around Basic English which is regarded as the language of business and trade in the UK. Secondary school education also follows the Basic English method with a focus on grammar, composition and vocabulary. They are committed to providing an education system that is dynamic, creative, ambitious for the sake of their Asian neighbors as well as for Britain itself. Since Malaysia is situated in the Far East, a major aim of the BIS is to send students to universities in the UK – one of the highest priorities. They have actively been involved in the process of setting up the Malaysian Academic Council. In addition to this, they also plan to link up the two Malaysian organizations – the Malaysian Institute of Education (MIE) and the Malaysian Council for Higher Education (MCHE) – so that BIS can offer its accredited courses in Malaysia.

There are several reasons why parents choose to send their children to the BIS. In addition to the regular primary and secondary education, they can also choose to further their education with a diploma in any discipline. For example, there are over 400 courses available from which to choose from in the business, law, engineering and healthcare sectors in the UK alone. And as the UK provides state-funded education, the cost of boarding and university education is also significantly reduced – which makes it even more attractive for families who cannot afford to send their children to expensive private colleges or universities in the UK.

One of the advantages of sending your child to a British International School is that they are well known among UK educators. BIS schools are known for imparting excellent knowledge across all disciplines. They are committed to bringing together people of different cultures, backgrounds and religions. The British International School is also renowned for its social and recreational activities and clubs. This is why the schools in Kuala Lumpur and other international schools in Malaysia are becoming popular among British domestic students – not just the academics.

You can easily look up the details on these schools online. The best thing is that you will be able to get the information from reliable sources like the school directory, the school website, and school reviews. When you compare the services offered by the international school, you will be able to get a better idea about the quality of education they provide. Furthermore, you can contact the admission centre or school administration for more information on places where you can apply for admissions and start your new life in Malaysia.

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